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Newton Lighting Enterprises, Inc. (NLE) is a lighting consultant and product sales company, servicing commercial, residential, landscape and
aging in place markets. NLE works with the lighting specifier, installation crew and end user/homeowner by providing lighting expertise and product sales.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your lighting application.

Lighting - Not Just to See With

Lighting design, layout and sales.
Dock and boat cover illuminated with warm LED fixtures utilizing a photo sensor for control. The soft dimmable illumination is installed so the object, not the source, becomes the light and the night sky and scenery is not effected.

When you work with NLE your purchase will be fair, your installation will be clean and smooth, and your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Newton Lighting Enterprises, Inc. promises this with a high standard of customer service, attention to detail and a passion for improving your life with quality lighting products and lighting design.

We first provide quality products and solid customer service with a satisfaction guarantee
, but this is just the beginning. We understand the power of lighting done right, although lighting is needed to see, it is equally important to feel, be safe and create emotions. Sight is a very powerful sense that can help us relax, enjoy our surroundings, feel secure and improve our quality of life! We believe that lighting is not just to see with but a tool, this is the value proposition of lighting done right.

Our physical territory is Monroe and surrounding counties of New York.
We service the entire US with sales through client supplied drawings and/or application photos. Please contact NLE with any questions, we look forward to working with you on your lighting project and lighting product sales.

"So far since the lights were installed, those folks have had zero falls!!! Staff love the lighting as it helps them when doing rounds at night, as the light is enough for them to see in the room without having to turn the overhead lights on. We feel these are very effective. Tanya has asked our quality management department to pull some numbers of falls with these folks prior and after the lighting was installed to get more solid stats. I'd like to schedule a time with you to install some more. Thanks." - Stacie M