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Newton Lighting Enterprises, Inc. is a lighting sales and consulting company designed to improve your quality of life and safety through sound lighting practices and quality lighting products.

NLE came to be to make life easier and more enjoyable for lighting specifiers, installers, and most importantly the end user. We listen and ask questions to understand the application and who will benefit from quality lighting. With advancements in lighting technology, coupled with increased understanding of light, please allow our 30 years of experience and passion assist you on your next project.

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We only recommend and carry quality lighting products with a high degree of proposition value.

Energy savings is always a high priority, and cost is always fair and in check.  We also understand the value of lighting as a powerful tool for not only being able to see the task and enriching the experience but also safety, alertness, relaxation, and cognitive way finding at any age.

Newton Lighting Enterprises, Inc. is passionate and dedicated to helping people age in place safely and with enriched everyday experiences. Whether at home or the different levels of community based living options, we will accomplish this with sound lighting practices and quality products. We understand and put into practice university based proven methods.

Thank you,
John C. Newton

NLE understands the power of lighting on our ability to not just see, but to see with positive feeling! NLE will enrich your experiences with quality lighting!

We are your personal lighting expert with a very high level of attention to detail.

  Proud to announce we are a Certified Aging In Place Specialist

Specializing in fall Prevention, better sleep, and an enriched life with proper lighting and lighting techniques. We bring lighting for universal design, proven evidence based lighting techniques and a passion for fall prevention to your home. Falls are not an inevitable part of aging and can be prevented while enriching your life.

Lighting is more than just to see with.

"After a full kitchen remodel I still felt like something was missing. I called Mr.Newton at Newton Lighting Enterprises and he came to my house and explained my options and made suggestions as to what would be the best solution for what I was looking for. I went with under cabinet lighting that was equipped with a dimmer and a remote control. What a difference this made! It enhanced my backsplash and counters perfectly and now my kitchen is complete!" - Patty H.