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Under cabinet lighting by Newton Lighting Enterprises
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Getting a new kitchen is a big deal, usually the most expensive room to renovate but also the room with the biggest pay back in utilization/enjoying and re-sale. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen which is far from just cooking and cleaning! There is a lot that prioritizes your attention and finances, from look and design, cabinet style and quality, counter top, back splash, flooring, lighting, paint color, and what professionals you choose to help you reach your vision. A lot of coordination, time, and money for sure!

At Newton Lighting Enterprises, we understand this and also understand the importance of quality under cabinet lighting, not only a work horse of the kitchen but a mood setter. As simple as under cabinet lighting sounds there is much to consider and the earlier in the project the better.

Considerations to consider when choosing under cabinet lighting.

  • Light quality, not all sources of light are created equal, quality light and the color of light render the counter top and backsplash as you envision it, poor quality light will take away from the look and feel.

  • Fixture design, certainly not all are created equal here, a good design will allow for the counter top and backsplash to become the light source, not the fixture. Even illumination creating sparkle without glare will enhance your life, adding dimming controls will enhance into the evening!

  • Installation should be quick/easy and holes/wires should never be seen or at least very minimal. This is important when sitting down or at an elevation where you can see under your cabinet.

  • Coordination of installation, there are times throughout the process where it is easier and best to install certain parts or make up front decisions. Determining cabinet styles and if molding or a light valance is needed, in cabinet lighting and shelf design, running wires while walls are open, and how best to bring those wires to the lights. We do not install but work directly with your cabinet people, installers, and electricians as needed.

  • Environmental considerations, lumens to watts, how much light is created by how much energy, what the material and components are made of and how they are made. Also, consideration to where they are made.

At Newton Lighting Enterprises, we understand the importance of proper lighting, how the process works and have made it our business model to handle this for you.

Please inquire about our free in-home consultation and lighting demo, a good lighting education!

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