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  NLE Striplight Series


The NLE Striplight Series are lightweight and very discreet for lighting anywhere in your home. We can provide you with lighting solutions, with variable size ranges that meet your specifications and needs.

LED under cabinet lights

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  LED under cabinet strip lights

NLE Striplight Series


  • Indoor: Residential/commercial/hospitality kitchen under cabinet countertop lighting, cove lighting, closests, shelving, display cases, reception desks, etc.

  • Outdoor: Overhangs, porches, hardscapes, etc

NLE Striplight Series Cut Sheet PDF

NLE Striplight Series Size Chart PDF


Striplight Series
HI Striplight Series LI Striplight Series NL Striplight Series
LED Type 3528 3528 3528
Constant Voltage 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC
3000/4000K 3000/4000K 3200K
Wattage 4.4W/ft. 2.2W/ft. 1.5W/ft.
Source Lumens 3000k 330 1m/ft. 3000k 165 1m/ft. 2200k 90 1m/ft.
  4000k 360 1m/ft. 4000k 1800 1m/ft. N/A
CRI >95 >95 >80

LED under cabinet lighting