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We are a Lighting consultant and lighting design company for commercial, residential, landscape and the the Aging in Place industry. Browse our resources and information below.

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Lighting and Fall Prevention

Fall prevention should not be viewed as part of aging, but simply smart healthy living that increases our quality of life, at any age. Falls are preventable, the odds of falling can be increased or decreased, and the severity of the physical and mental damage caused by a fall can be lessened.

There are well studied and published programs as well as common sense practices, and way of life changes to prevent falling. There is however little on lighting and the ageing eye, other than increase lighting. This is not enough and in some cases can make matters worse. Quality Light and quality lighting techniques, in addition to common sense practices is the missing practice to fall prevention. Quality lighting at any age is arguably the biggest contributor to safety, alertness/relaxation, and quality of experiences.
  Important Facts about Falls

Cost of Falls Among Older Adults

Hip Fractures Among Older Adults

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Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

To See - Under cabinet lighting is the simplest, most cost effective addition with the biggest return to your kitchen. Planners will tell you it is a necessity and a true work horse of the kitchen. According to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) the kitchen counter top should be the brightest location in your home due to tasks performed, such as reading, cut/chopping, and cleaning. Because light does not bend ceiling lights alone are not enough. We also need much more light to see as we age. The IES recommends two times as much light for a 25-65 year old person as a 25 year old person, and four times as much for 65 and older.

To Enjoy - With quality lighting, installed in a clean and unobtrusive manner you may never leave your kitchen! Quality lighting installed properly will add sparkle not glare to showcase your counter top, back splash, and anything on your counter top. The correct shade of white based on your colors makes all the difference in the world as warms and cools change the appearance.

Lighting should be installed in a clean and invisible manner as to not see fixtures, holes, and wires. When completed the space becomes the light, not the fixture.


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Landscape Lighting

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